Fast-cycle Product/Service Execution

Faster time-to-revenue with more profitable product solutions
Higher new product contributions to portfolio revenue and margins

Driven by fast changing markets, new technologies, and by the demands of the financial community for dramatically increased sales and profits, companies need a strong innovative new product focus to prosper. New products are the growth engine for company revenues - on average, new products should account for 33% of revenue. Unfortunately, the majority of new products never make it to market. And, according to many studies, those that do have failure rates as high as 80%.

Altis Solutions helps companies implement a systematic approach to the new product conception, development and launch process. This tailored approach comprehends that discovering and meeting the needs of target customers, engaging the market window, and achieving time-to-break-even objectives helps to meet revenue goals and ensure the business success of the product. We help clients:

  • Gain deep tangible and intangible empathic market insights
  • Define complete new business/product/service value solutions that customers want and will pay for
  • Select and prioritize development projects and allocate scarce resources for maximum return
  • Mange product portfolios and lifecycles
  • Integrate strategy, R&D, and new product development
  • Execute "New Product Development as conversations" Web 2.0 sites, wikis, RSS feeds, and podcasts
  • Develop fast, relevant, and effective new product development processes

And, in the process of meeting customers' new product/service needs, significant competitive advantage can be realized from the deeper knowledge gained of what constitutes value in their eyes.