Innovative Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution

Higher close rates at higher margins with more profitable customers
Improved competitive position from the ability to clearly create value at higher levels in the customer's organization

No matter how sophisticated the technology or clever the design of the product or service, what counts is the financial and personal value the customer puts on the solution’s ability to solve important business problems. Knowing your customers and what they need is a requirement to compete in today's competitive environment. Customers want to be sold value over price. They want suppliers to add value at significantly deeper levels than marketing and sales have traditionally delivered:

  • Customer solution requirements are more complex
  • Customer business environments are more competitive
  • Customer purchase decisions require more executive involvement and take significantly longer to close
  • Customers demand economically justified solutions
  • Customers are more risk adverse and prolong purchase decisions
  • Customers may need help understanding their problems and opportunities
  • Customers have broader options to obtain decision making information

However, without integrating the often disparate efforts of sales and marketing into an effective, synergistic approach, it is next to impossible to gain competitive traction in today's value driven environment. All too often, companies are having price conversations with customers instead of value conversations resulting in the inevitable price discount to win business. Selling value solutions is important. According to a 2004 A. T. Kearney report of S&P 500 companies, a 1% improvement in price results in a 7.1%  increase in operating profits dwarfing the results of other profit improvement activities.

To avoid the competition/price conversation trap it is important to understand your customers' business problems and how your offerings can help meet their business and personal needs. Altis Solutions helps companies identify the right market/customers and the solutions they value. Then, follow through with the development and execution of high-leverage go-to-market strategies to win those customers.

  • Gain unique insights and develop proprietary information about what customers and the customer's customers value
  • Define complete business/product/service value solutions that customers want
  • Develop clear, multi-level value positioning and situational collateral integrated with demand creation, business development, and sales efforts
  • Execute sales-ready, high-impact value focused sales tools targeted for the right functional groups and right organizational levels that uncover active and latent needs in the way sales people are trained to and want to consume and use it
  • Link business and financial value to features and functionality to demonstrate compelling solution return-on-investment

We energize business development/demand creation efforts by working with clients to close the gap between the customer, sales, and marketing. We help companies align marketing initiatives with selling practices and executing a repeatable sales-ready field marketing methodology to significantly improve close rates and bottom-line business performance. And, we help integrate these processes into CRM implementations.