Balanced Performance Management

Significantly stronger financial performance
Quantifiable balance between short term results and long term competitive advantage

Delivering shareholder value calls for managing not only the short-term performance of a company but also its long-term health - the ability to sustain performance over time. Corporate health involves many components: a robust strategy; well-maintained assets; innovative products and services; a good reputation with customers and other stakeholders; and the ability to attract, retain, and develop high-performing employees

Competition for the future means creating and dominating emerging opportunities. To do so requires the competence and the capability to execute. Balanced Performance Management is a fact based approach to value based performance management that:

  • Helps management focus on things that matter – the issues and gaps that drive the value of their business and ultimately drive shareholder value
  • Merges strategy with fact driven execution
  • Measures the effectiveness of business processes
  • Focuses on both short term goals and longer term competitiveness
  • Increases new product revenue and drives shorter development cycles
  • Provides continuous/real-time feedback to reinforce positive behaviors
  • Improves the ability to attract, retain, and develop high-performing employees
  • Facilitates major innovation and learning paradigm shifts

Altis Solutions helps companies address the issue of: "How do I, as an executive, know that the organization has and is exercising the capability to grow and compete for the future?" We work with corporate leadership to develop the capability to execute a good measurable balance between financials and other critical success factors to meet corporate profit and revenue goals.