Richard Sessions
Managing Partner

Richard SessionsRichard is the founder and managing partner for Altis Solutions. He has thirty-five years of industrial and high-tech experience as a cube dweller, apps engineer, salesperson, marketer, mentor, $150M business unit general manager, leader of a $400M marketing organization, and consultant as well as has worked in several start-ups and as a mentor to young, aspering entrepreneurs.

Unlike most marketing and operations people, Richard has been in sales, both direct and as a manufacturer’s representative. As a result, he has a solid understanding of the customer purchase/decision-making process. He has lived in the communications/sales-collateral gap between marketing and the customer. This deep customer - sales -marketing experience has enabled him to execute significant value branding and sales-ready go-to-market programs for domestic and international software, semiconductor, Internet of things, intellectual property and clean energy companies. He has developed and successfully executed many new market/product projects to drive above average profitable revenue growth worth tens of millions of dollars. During his career he has implemented break-through product/service portfolio management programs for several global 1000 companies. Results include: Increased revenue growth and improved margins from closing the customer/sales/marketing gap, better sales and marketing ROI from targeted field marketing programs, improved corporate performance from balanced performance management initiatives, and significantly enhanced ability to compete for the future from high-impact innovative organization and business strategies.
Richard is a graduate of Cornell University with a BS in Engineering and is an international lecturer and executive education/graduate school instructor on global new product development, high-tech product portfolio management, and high-intensity strategic planning/execution. His teams have won several best-in-class international benchmarking awards for strategic planning/execution and new product development. He has been a subject matter expert for the American Productivity and Quality Center in Houston for new product development and balanced corporate performance management.
Richard has been quoted in numerous articles and books on strategic processes and building the unstoppable financial powerhouse as well as has collaborated on several management books including Beyond the Financials and an internal management publication for A.T. Kearney, Inc. targeted at C-level company leadership. He is also a part-time professor and Master Lecturer in the College of Business at San Jose State University.