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Sales – Ready – Marketing: Maximizing Sales Effectiveness by Closing the Gap Between the Customer, Sales, and Marketing

A high-leverage Sales-Ready-Marketing program enables marketing to execute better promotion of complete business solutions in support of sales. More importantly, it enables sales to better understand customer needs and demonstrate the ability to solve customer business and technical problems by showing how they can gain a competitive advantage – all within the first minutes of a sales call.

Values and Advantages: Understanding and Delivering Customer Value

To deliver value to customers, it is important to discover what problems customers are trying to solve. No matter how sophisticated the technology or clever the design of the product, what counts is (1) how much value your customer puts on the product and (2) the ability to deliver Competitive Advantage to your customer.

Driving the Ability to Compete: Balanced Corporate Performance Management

Competition for the future means creating and dominating emerging opportunities. Only those companies capable of creating value that customers can see will win the race to deliver shareholder value over the long term. Balanced Corporate Performance Management addresses the issue of: How do I, as an executive, know that the organization has and is exercising the capability to grow and compete for the future?

Integrating High-Impact Strategy & Planning with Balanced Performance Management

In today's highly dynamic, fast-cycle business environment, traditional strategic-planning approaches are of doubtful of value. And yet, strategy and planning have become even more critical to driving the success of the enterprise. Research shows that successful global businesses focus strategy and planning on upgrading business capabilities to exploit strategic insights and to create competitive advantage. A high-intensity strategic process integrated with a balanced performance management process can help answer the question: How do we get more value out of our strategic process and how can we drive competitive advantage to achieve desired future results?

Visionary Action - Strategic Process in Fast-Cycle Environments

This whitepaper is a reprint of an article originally published is Strategy & Leadership, January/February 1998, Vol. 26, No. 1.

In 1995, the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) in Houston, Texas began a series of consortium benchmarking studies on strategic planning. The first study, completed in 1996, identifies several innovative practices and surfaced challenges faced by companies in highly dynamic business environments. Consequently, strategic planning in fast-cycle environments became the focus of the second study, "Reinventing Strategic Planning for a Dynamic Environment," which was completed in February 1997.  The concepts and principles noted in this article are the basis for several benchmarking studies, have been quoted in strategy and quality journals, and are currently used in MBA courses taught at universities around the world.